Will we be spending more time at home post lockdown?

These past few months in isolation has revealed our homes to be more than just a place of rest, eat and sleep. Post lockdown, some of us will push on with our lives as if COVID -19 never happened. At the same time, others will evaluate the situation and rediscover the real comforts of home.

Not only has confinement redefined multifunctional living, it has become a way of life. And do we want to sustain this? Can I continue to work from home? How will I entertain from my kitchen? Could I create that spa-like bathroom? Do I need that gym membership?

Why not! Provided we can make a few permanent changes to some key areas of the home.

The entry hallway – the first space in our home. It’s the introduction to the home’s personality and welcomes your guests. Equally important now than ever is health and hygiene. As a result, a permanent hygiene station is a good idea.

A hand sanitiser, gloves and masks should be within easy reach. If you don’t have anywhere to place these, consider a decorative floating shelf. Masks and gloves can be hidden from view in a drawer or a decorative box.

The living room/dining – this room is generally the largest in the home and will find itself having many roles. For young children, it will become a play zone. For fitness enthusiasts, the floor will form the perfect space for a great work out.

And for those working from home now and in the future, the dining table is certainly the ideal option. For a room to be truly multifunctional, furniture has to be mobile and safe. Foldable is even better. You can add discreet castor wheels to bulky furniture pieces if you can’t drag them.

Find existing storage or add new ones for extra toys, fitness mat and weights. Create storage for your laptop and office paraphernalia close to the dining table.

Kitchen – a large enough breakfast counter /island can double up as a comfortable workstation for kids and adults alike. Appropriate seat height and task lighting is essential for this space to work. Storage of items required for this activity should be close by. Phones and laptops would require access to nearby sockets.
















Entertaining guests in the kitchen would also benefit from such a platform. Buffet and drinks can be set up along the counter. task lighting should ideally be equipped with a dimmer switch to set the mood for social gatherings around the island or counter.

Bathroom – since visiting a spa will be out of the question for some time, create one at home. if space permits bring in that bathtub you’ve always wanted. Add a steam generator to your existing shower area. Make sure the area is fully enclosed of course. Then there are the inexpensive must-haves. Scented Candles, essential oils, plants, cut flowers and background music. And relax!

Balcony/garden – if you’re fortunate to have either, then make the most of these precious spaces. Our connection with the outdoors is paramount for our own sense of well being. Thanks to the lockdown, our attention has turned to outdoor spaces and green fingers are suddenly everywhere. Moreover, caring for existing plants and propagating new ones is truly therapeutic.

Transforming the balcony or garden for activities once pursued elsewhere is definitely the order of the day!

All things considered, your home can provide the sanctuary we all aspire. As matter of fact, these past few months have opened our eyes to the potential that lies within our dwellings. Appreciate what you have and invest in it wisely.

Longevity, functionality and aesthetics will hold more value now than ever!



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