Mastering Spatial Experience Through Interior Design

interior designer in chandigarh

Interior Designer in Chandigarh

Designing a space is a hands-on undertaking that while challenging, is immensely rewarding. An individual’s character is mirrored in their environment, shaping a house into their distinctive home. Gone are the days when it was thought Interior design is only about crafting grandiose and attractive places. Having a room taken cared by experts lends comfort, productivity and efficiency to a room.

Leading Interior Designers in India

Some of the most popular designers also favour building such eloquent spaces. Gauri Khan Designs is a hugely successful name in the celebrity world, focusing on luxury and bespoke interiors. Morphogenesis, a firm that is outrageously creative, zooms in on the sustainability aspect of design. Another name is that of Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers. They make chic spots that stand out, Suniel Shetty’s boutique “More Mischief” being a famous one. A representation of new age decor is the name Shabnam Gupta for Orange Lane. With her eclectic approach, she has aced the residences of Kanganga Ranaut and Imran Khan to name a few. While the list of other talented professionals like Anjum Jung of Morph Design Company, Ambish Arora of Studio Lotus and Ajay Shah of ASDS, only lengthens, the one thing they have in common is quality and passion.

interior designer in chandigarh

Our narration

At Renu Soni Interior Design, we firmly believe in these principles too. Our work embodies dialogue, strategy and imagination, drawings and mood boards. We factor in the clients’ brief, while transforming an area to build a story and thereby, their dream home. This is a demanding process for which we find objects and corners that speak to you, speak attractively about you, and that just “feel right”! Our perspective allows us to model for you a home that is a tangible reflection of yourself. From the effects of a photo on the wall to picking with extreme care the books that will line the shelves, we help clients reflect in depth. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art house, the remodelling of your
beloved kitchen or fashioning furniture for your office that you are looking for, we still measure quality to ensure crown value.

interior designer in chandigarh

Renu Soni Interior Designer in Chandigarh brings to the table through our commendable global experience, international tones and tenors. Firstly, we boast of a team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and a large network of specialists that deliver to you superior results. We offer high levels of flexibility of budget and hold in great regard the merits of longevity. Rigorous planning, a personalised flair and meticulous execution ensures that you get a distinguished footing for money. We advocate honest and pure resources and materials that elevate a layout. We have a keen eye for diversity in tastes, and put together projects of all sizes, trends and budgets.

interior designer in chandigarh

Assisting in realize your vision

The relationship between a designer and a client is a lifelong one. You may rest assured that we are a mere phone call away even after completion of the works. We promote faithful communication that facilitates a meticulous attention-to-detail in every phase. In conclusion, Renu Soni Interior Designer in chandigarh makes certain that your abode in the end resembles a haven where your surroundings remind you of your truest likes and personalities. A constellation of your style, spirit and subconscious!


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