About the founder

The woman behind the wheel, Renu Soni is an interior designer who was born and brought up in England. She studied at the University of North London. On completing her qualifications, her personal life beckoned and she moved to India to tie the knot. A doting mother of twin boys, Renu devoted her early years to marriage and children. However, the fire to build and create beautiful spaces burnt within her. She pursued her passion and studied interior and architectural design in Chandigarh, while her children were still in school. Dedicated and hardworking, Renu soon started her own bespoke consultancy, Renu Soni Interior Design offering the best-in-class interior design services across tricity Chandigarh.

A powerhouse in the interior design industry, Renu is well-known for her dynamic personality and exceptional creativity. Her eye for detail makes her an expert at selecting hard and soft finishes, while her expertise also include creating elegant yet personalized residential spaces, along with practical and reflective commercial spaces. With her talent and experience, Renu has the ability to transform a simple place into a sophisticated and aesthetic space.

The team lead by Renu not only assists their clients with the basics such as optimizing the use of space, choosing the right colours & schemes, appropriate lighting, etc, but also do an end-to-end job, i.e, from conceptualizing the idea to creating the final look.

Based on her extensive exposure abroad, her professionalism and the elasticity with which she can orchestrate an empty area into a breath-taking experience, Renu Soni offers nothing short of exceptional design services to all clients alike. Her unrivalled personal service is characterized by charm, wit and an obsession for detail. With the prime focus on complete client satisfaction, Renu pays close attention to comfort and all other aspects of space management.