Essential checklist for home interior design

Essential checklist for home interior design

A home tells the story of who you are and is a collection of what you love. The interiors of your home define the person that you are, the life you have lived and the way you choose to live. It is a reflection of your personality and your taste. However, what adds value to the otherwise brick and mortar structure is the interior design.

Interior designing of a home involves creating a space which defines you, a space you can proudly call your own. Designing the interiors of home is a long process which involves extensive planning, research, sourcing for the right materials and above all, creativity. When done right, interior designing can drastically enhance the overall look of the home, adding the much needed panache and élan.

The most important aspect of designing the interiors of your home is hiring the right people for the job, and that’s where interior designers step in. With their in-depth knowledge on the subject, extraordinary skills and a highly creative bend of mind, they can easily transform your house into a home.

With the right people by your side, you can begin with designing the interiors of your home, one step at a time. It is therefore imperative to have a checklist for your design plan, which will help you sail through the process smoothly. 

Here is a thoughtfully curated checklist for your home interior design plan:

1.      Clearly discuss your vision & thoughts with the interior designer

2.      Plan a thorough design budget

3.      Analyse your space and what kind of interior designing is to be done in each room

4.      Ask your designer for a virtual design blueprint of each room, to help you understand the plan better

5.      Subsequently, plan for plumbing, electrical points, floor design, woodwork, furniture, wall paints and false ceilings

6.      Lastly, seek your interior designers assistance in choosing the best accessories for each room, to highlight and accentuate the space

We at Renu Soni Interior Design (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula), ensure that all the boxes on your design checklists are ticked off, by providing you with not only the best-in-class services near you, but also equally proactive after-sales services.


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