Architecture Vs Interior Design: All the Differences You Need to Know 

Clients often quiz us about the blurry line between interior design and architecture. Who should you approach to do up your brand-new home? Since there are many overlaps between the functioning of the two, we understand it can be confusing.  We, at Renu Soni Interior Design, will break down the differences in services provided by both. This can help you assemble the perfect team for your project. Many a times, an architect and an interior designer work hand-in-hand to deliver a functional, and attractive space. This creates an efficient spatial relationship between the indoors and outdoors. 

  architecture and interior design


  • The chief responsibility of an architect is a big picture one. For instance, safety issues, planning and engineering, exterior materials, basic internal planning and building permits
  • A building that fits the client brief and abides with all the local building codes and by-laws is designed. Namely, designing and finalizing the direction, plans, elevations and façade treatments and internal planning. Lastly, they set essential building services such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical and complete energy consumption for the whole building.  

architecture and interior design

  • It’s an architect’s responsibility to get the building plans and approvals sanctioned by the local building authority. This helps begin speedy construction. 
  • Once sanctioned, an architect sets into motion various phases. These include laying of foundation, details of brickwork, fixing of water supply pipes, sewage pipes, etc.
  • Finally, the architect is in charge of the coordination and supervision on site. Thus, it ensures smooth execution, and timely completion of the project. 


architecture and interior design

  • It is of utmost importance that you turn a completed building into a pleasing and comfortable space. Therefore, an interior designer, like Renu Soni Interior Design, helps transcend the bare rooms into exquisite, bespoke sanctuary.  
  • A better rapport is built with the client. Unlike with architecture, there is more room to implement the preferences and individuality of the client into the design. Renu Soni Interior Design, in particular lays emphasis on integrated designs that promote psychological well-being along with beauty. 
  • To help the clients visualize the proposed output before construction begins, drawings, 3D-models, renders, and material palettes are tailor- made.

architecture and interior design

  • In interior design according to individual user, furniture layouts, bathroom design, kitchen and storage solutions are carved out for maximum utility and functionality.
  • The construction drawings with intricate specifications of materials, finishes, timeline, etc., are provided to the contractors for execution once the client approves. 
  • The clients play active role in the selection of the materials, décor, lighting, paint and colour schemes, custom furniture pieces that create the final look. 
Site Supervision and Coordination
  • Hence, interior design also is a union of various contractors, for which the designer is responsible.  
  • Most firms provide residential and commercial design services. Some like Renu Soni Interior Design, however, also specialize in niche projects such as, retail outlets, offices, cafes and restaurants.

                 Thus, architecture facilitates the building of an operative external space. It is the role of interior design, meanwhile, to accessorize and beautify the insides.  In conclusion, interior design completes a room making it cohesive. In a building, if architecture is the body, interior design is the soul. Looking to entirely revamp your current apartment, office or house? Interior design is your way ahead. Building a home from scratch? Appointing an architect, and an interior designer will be ideal to ensure best results. Unsure of what to do? We, at Renu Soni Interior Design, are always ready to help you! Indeed, planning is perfection!  


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