We have realized how daunting the process of renovating your personal space may seem. How do you, as a client, approach us? What is expected of you, and what’s your role? What can you expect from the designer? At Renu Soni Interior Design, we not only maintain a stress-free rapport with you from inception to execution, we go the extra mile to guarantee the returns are par excellence! We thus decided to go ahead and lay down the hassle-free steps of Interior Design we swear by.

  • Consultation: Demands & Dreams!

The first of many meetings! Here is when we start to get to know each other. Remember all those saved Pinterest wish lists? We help explore your ideas and incorporate them into the proposal. We strive to discern your individuality, study your tastes, and gather your requirements. How big a walk-in-wardrobe do you want? How many guests would you host at your new dining table? Do you want a dishwasher in your state-of-the-art kitchen?

May it be a single room, or your entire new apartment, we start by assessing your property or ‘site’ for dimensions, direction of sun, structural fundamentals like beams and columns, etc.

Together we shape a tentative timeline & budget. Should you have any doubts, demands, or concerns about the project, here is when we urge you to voice them. And we, at Renu Soni Interior Design, will be more than happy to try and resolve it for you to the best of our abilities.

Once you are satisfied, the detailed design brief is finally put together, outlining your ideal home’s needs and chief style.

  • Concept Development: Fresh out of the oven!

Considering you decide to commission us, the creative process begins! We present to you personalized options curated from the brief. We then fine-tune your favorite choice with your feedbacks to reach the optimal result.

Starting with the walls, we focus on fixing colours and shades for the room, detailing the floor finishes next. Finally onto fashioning the bathrooms and sourcing and designing furniture. To facilitate and enhance the process, Renu Soni Interior Design will develop interior plans, 3D renders, design boards, colour swatches and layouts.

As we address the particulars, we will accompany you to the most suitable outlets to pick out that perfect countertop basin or exquisite coffee table.

At the same time, we aid you with soft furnishings—from the most delightful fabric and shades for your curtains to sofas, and stunning light fixtures and arrangements.

By the end of the concept development stage, we help you settle on key finishes, materials, and design styles.

  • TECHNICALITIES: Crossing the “t” s?

With the design signed off, we tighten the nuts and bolts of the plan. We produce technical AUTO CAD drawings for final electric and lighting plans, tiling layouts, plumbing and sanitary details, etc. with construction specifications and time schedules required for the entire property.

We then present a fair and itemized ‘BOQ’ (bill of quantities) or budget for the whole project.

Now we introduce you to our talented and reliable building team at Renu Soni Interior Design. We assign the best possible match of artisans, masons, carpenters, etc., to the task.

  • FABRICATION: Going live…

Watch your ideas come to life!

While our workmen are top-notch, it’s routine for the whole Renu Soni Interior Design team to hold a preliminary meeting wherein we delegate and discuss the assignment’s specifics.

During construction, the designers work closely with craftsmen. For instance, we conduct regular site visits to ensure that the workmanship is flawless and the timeline is on track. We oversee the installation of tiles, appliances, lights, and others. And you may rest assured that your prized purchases are in good hands.

With the civil works like false ceilings, paneling, paint job, etc. completed, we now move the furniture pieces into their consigned places and add the finishing touches with the soft décor!

  • CULMINATION: Your pride and joy!

The venture successfully completed, you can now experience your new surroundings in person! However, before you move in, we visit the site to inspect all the works and confirm it is to your satisfaction.

At the end of this beautiful journey, we gently remind you that any concerns, and we are only a phone call away!


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