In the recent few months, we have been subjected to lifestyle changes hitherto uncommon. A global pandemic causing deep uncertainties in every phase of our lives, and the design field was no exception. As we grapple with the possibility of the world reopening, it’s time to take a look at commercial spaces that we will be welcoming back! So, we at Renu Soni Interior Design are going to break down a few of the top commercial areas and their designing.


The office continues leaning towards neutral Scandinavian colours. In addition, there is an obvious inclusion of richer bolder colours. Pop of colours done right brings in a youthful, modern update to the drab looks of dated offices.

Industrial lights that add exaggerated masculine energy into the workspace, as opposed to impersonal fluorescent lights. We believe a good scheme is one that merges open and private zones dynamically  that creates a productive setting.


With the boom in e-commerce, consumer experience is central in retail industry! Above all, the interiors of a space directly influence the consumer experience. The in-store ambiance will determine the customer attraction and the time spent in-store. Therefore, it affects the sale of the products.

A superior retail involvement is one that combines excellent graphics, advertising, and ergonomics with brand identity. Similarly, Renu Soni Interior Design ensures the end-result is an enhanced bond between the customer, employees, and the brand. Retail units often combine plush luxury with the raw magnetism of an industrial edge.

The most forward trend that is only possible through competent interior design is the combining of the digital such as, logistics, data collection, and the tangible like the human sense of touch, smell, and feel that can only be vetted in-store.


Again, a sector where the customer is king! The amenities is what creates a welcoming and relaxed environment, be it a restaurant, café, bistro, bar, or pub.  Along with culinary trends, the crucial satisfaction of a consumer is closely knit to its interiors.

Planning these requires a deep understanding of the commercial business and its operations, which stems from expertise similar to that of Renu Soni Interior Design. Versatile seating choices and lounge areas curated carefully can serve multiple occasions from official meet to casual soirees.

An exceptional plan will see the fuse of fresh elements like communal open kitchens, booths, layered textures and finishes! Finally, we believe in crafting spheres and stories that are authentic to your journey!


With an ever-growing prominence, gyms flaunt one of the trendiest flairs today. Transforming it into an immersive space is necessary, and only possible through thoughtful designs. The perfect use of creative lighting, positive colours, like blues, that help form an uplifting and high-energy atmosphere hits all the sweet spots of a good gym design.

Finally, there is increasing attentive zoning of space for each routine of workout that is proving beneficial in the fitness arena. We also firmly hold the history of a building and the principals of the organization responsible as we shape the tone and style of such spaces.


Bodies that mold minds, the design is of paramount importance in the educational sector. A colour scheme that radiates serenity and free-flowing spaces that allow children to effortlessly transition from fresh air to classrooms is what we trust in at Renu Soni Interior Design! Coupled with sustainable, bespoke furniture, clever, and suitable planning can make every corner of a school smarter!

Whether an office space or a shopping center, the establishment must evoke emotions through its design above all. In conclusion, a competent designer is the strongest tool you can wield in the struggle to achieve a functional and aesthetic fruition and we are eager for you to reach out to us!


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