Why aren’t you Biophilic yet?

Biophilia is all about our love for nature while focusing on our own well being. And when it comes to biophilic interior design, now could not be a better time to embrace it. It’s health benefits are many. It boosts happiness. Reduces stress levels and increases productivity.

When it comes to biophilic interior design, consider the following:
Firstly, adding Plants to your surrounding is obvious. It’s also one of  the most cost effective ways.  Plants add a statement to any interior. More importantly, they provide functional qualities. They purify the air and promote positiveness.

Natural materials like clay, cork, rattan and wool is Another way of bringing nature into your home. It adds depth and character through all the different textures. Visible wood grain has even been known to relax the autonomic nervous systems and therefore reduce stress!

Sunlight is healthy and fundamental to biophilic design. By using light shades on the walls you can reflect more natural light. Bring in the outdoors by puncturing a wall and inserting a window or skylight. Or simply expand existing ones. Creating an awesome view can only increase your outlook on positivity.

Balcony with plants and seating

So clearly, biophilic interiors is a trend thats here to stay. It’s a way of design that we should all bring into our spaces. Subtle and obvious. Nature depicting artwork, healthy landscape colors, and even a diverse rooftop terrace for example are other ways to embrace the biophilic movement. This connection with nature has too many benefits to be ignored!








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