Home Interior Trends for 2019

Looking to renovate or design in 2019? Then consider these up and coming trends set by industry market leaders.

  • floral patterned wallpaper – oversized floral patterned wallpaper in bold colours are looking to take centre stage. An attention grabbing focal point indeed
  • jewelled tones – this trend peeps its head now and again. This rich seductive colour pallete can be enhanced using textures such as velvets and silks along with decor accessories and rugs. On the other hand, it can be played down by using it as subtle accents against a white or neutral background

  • patterned backsplash for kitchens – monochrome backsplashes in stone, glass, acrylic or tiles have had their time in our kitchens. The new year is looking for something creative either through bolder colours or graphic patterns

  • decor items of sustainable materials – products made of rice paper, jute and clay will be available to those who would like to touch base with their greener side

  • 4 poster beds – a piece of furniture that is close to my heart. If you have the space please opt for this. In my mind a 4 poster bed has always evoked romance, a sense of security and safe keeping

  • modern meets vintage – a touch of bohemian fusion with layering and brighter fabrics of brighter colours with curvy furniture

  • acrylic furniture – playful yet chic. Functional but invisible.

  • metal mix – metals will be used in interesting ways. For example, brass with aged iron and silver can mix well with brown and black metals

  • bold black bathrooms – black represents indulgence of the highest level. A combination of textures and finishes with gold accents

  • light wood floors – the want for more open and airy feel for a room has triggered the demand for wooden floor as in shades of birch, beech and light oak

  • curtain detailing – the art of fringe and and trim making known as passamenterie will be raising eyebrows with its modern interpretation in vibrant colours and shapes

  • darker shades of marble countertops for kitchens – whites and greys are out and warmer darker tones of the preferred material – marble will be seen

  • dramatic walls -we are becoming more confident in our choice for bolder colours. experimenting with these shades will add instant drama to any home

  • white is more – another trend will see white as the new neutral. Add bright juicy pops of colour through accents and furniture. Or just leave it monochrome by layering tones and different textures of white

Through these images, I hope you find inspiration and confidence. Implementing one or some of these trending features will surely attract the attention your home deserves.


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