How to choose the right artwork

Artwork for any interior, residential or commercial, is a must have and our clients are advised accordingly. Art is a cohesive element that brings together a space and so necessary in an interior as it injects instant life and character.

For some designers, it is art that designs a space meaning that art comes  first and then the fabrics, the colours and finishes. I am not normally presented with art prior to the designing process, so selection comes in the final stages.

For many, the idea of choosing art is quite a daunting aspect and for that reason it becomes almost intimidating. Most clients have no clue and as a result, leave it to my best judgment. Furthermore art is  very subjective and therefore clients are asked to share their subject preference.

Here are some tips to help you acquaint yourself with choosing the right artwork:

  • Multiple print display.

This becomes a key feature of your space and adds further style to a room. It is advisable to display prints of the same style and preferably of the same artist in a linear format.

  • Repeating colour and form.

Adding artwork of similar colours not only compliments the fabrics and textures but also adds further richness to an interior.

  • Colour contrasts

By adding artwork of contrasting tones, you are able to achieve an instant pop of colour and focus.

  • Placement of furniture

Adding art above a bench, console table or sofa helps to maximise the design concept within a space.

  • Statement piece

A large single piece of artwork on a wall is able to draw the eye to it immediately as it creates a focal point and adds that wow factor.

  • Colour balance

Selecting artwork of similar hues to that of the soft furnishings brings harmony to a space.

This is where you have a collection of art that are hung on a wall in a pleasing manner. Start with the larger art piece in the centre and arrange smaller ones around it.

  • Propped artwork

This gives a relaxed informal look to a room. Overlapped slightly and arranged with other decor objects, the artwork creates an interesting vignette.

With the above tips in mind, it is also important to remember that artwork should not be hung too high. A mistake so commonly made. Ideally the centre of the image should be at eye level.

Now you can enjoy the experience of collecting artwork over a period of time – feel the excitement and be inspired!


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