A Few Tips To Help You While Shopping For Tiles

Tiles….what size, colour, finish?? With the vast choice of tiles available today, selection can be quite a task. Bathrooms and kitchens primarily have seen an injection of new designs and materials recently.  So what’s new?

Technology has propelled tile design to another level. Methods such as digital printing and ink jet printing are transforming less expensive tiles like porcelain and ceramic and giving them looks of marble, limestone, granite, stone, and wood.

Wood finish is gaining immense popularity, particularly petrified, aged and reclaimed wood finish. Manufacturers are pushing all boundaries in perfecting that look for example traditional hardwood planks and patterns like parquet and herringbone. This is fabulous for those of us who find authentic hard wood floors to maintain. Sizes available are huge and different widths and lengths can be mixed. Thus, providing you a wide range of choices for home interior designing and decoration.

The industrial look is still a favourite with urban homes and look alike concrete slabs are now available in wall and floor tiles, providing a much quicker and cleaner installation.

Current interior designing trends also show that the floor tile sizes are increasing to as much as 3’ x 6’, a less expensive alternative to traditional slabs of marble and fewer joints means less maintenance.

Glass tiles are a good option too, giving an eccentrically rich and bright look. Sizes range from 1” x 1” to 18” x18”. They have different shapes such as small round circles called “pennies”, mini, medium or large rectangles, mini, medium or large squares and sticks. They are smoothly non porous water tight and their super glossy finish reflects light giving a sense of space. When used sparingly, vivid glass tiles can provide exciting visual highlights to the interior design of your home and bathroom. Conversely, when covering an entire bathroom wall, glass tiles can create a luxurious spa-like atmosphere.

3D and textured tiles in a predominantly monochromatic scheme are great for adding another dimension to an interior and perfect where pattern is a minimum.

We also see the return of the classic ceramic subway tile in various glossy colours. These can look equally good in the traditional running or stacked method or even herringbone applied.

Artisan tiles are also enjoying a revival these days too. Usually handmade with Moroccan or Spanish influence and a traditional pattern, these tiles can break up a block of colour by adding a depth of character. A very popular design is Arabesque, which is available in a variety of colour, size and finish and even a bevelled design.

Every tile has its unique design factor and marrying it up with additional elements of interior design of a place doesn’t have to be so daunting. Just bear in mind your two basic considerations: design concept and budget. Happy tile shopping!

I hope this blog would have provided you some insight that would help you in shopping for tiles. If you would like to ask a question or want to share some thoughts of your own on this topic then please leave a comment below. Further, you can also contact me if you require an interior designer in Chandigarh or nearby locations.


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