Achieving that modern bohemian look

As a designer, it’s my job to inform clients about latest style trends. One that has me captivated right now is modern bohemian. The original boho look has been around for years. However, its new evolved version will find its way into more homes this year.

The modern bohemian style focuses on vintage, luxurious finishes and warmer colours of today. As a result, this happy-go-lucky feel is a great look in which to unwind and socialise.

Key Elements of this style


Indoor plants are synonymous with all styles of interior design. For the modern bohemian look, hanging plants add an interesting display. For instance, you can try a macrame plant hanger. Simple but meticulously handcrafted. Moreover,  create depth by introducing plants of varying heights. Similarly, containers should be of different textures such as baskets and ornate terracotta.


Texture heavy and patterned rugs will uplift a neutral floor and walls. So select a rug with a bold pattern. It will enhance the colours of the other furnishings. Cosiness is an important feature with this look, therefore opt for vintage and plush rugs.


The modern bohemian look relies heavily on pattern. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layers of various patterns, textiles and scale. I have already mentioned the rug. Other soft furnishings to incorporate into this look would be throws and cushions. Colours should be consistent. And hues strong such as burgandy, amethyst and bottle green.


Decor pieces should be an eclectic mix of objects, finishes and colours. They should tell a story perhaps of your travels. Wall hangings and vintage mirrors will add further layers. Storage boxes and woven baskets can scattered around the room too. Maximise on hand made accessories as it will give your space unique richness. Informal styling of these pieces should look effortless. All in all, it should reflect that relaxed vibe of modern bohemian.

By following these simple affordable steps, you can easily achieve this “chilled out” trend. Most of you will already be in possession of straight lined modern furniture. Choose your accessories carefully bearing in mind texture, colour and pattern. Where and how you place them will create a strong contrast against your furniture pieces. All in all your modern bohemian space will set your home apart with its calming quaintness. Enjoy!







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