I transform spaces. What’s your superpower?

Interior designing is that art-form which has the power to completely modify a space. Every interior designer has skills and expertise, but it is their personal style that sets them apart. I for one, believe in the power of ‘less is more’.

While the main role of an interior designer includes creating functional, safe and beautiful spaces, one must also thoroughly understand the clients’ vision and give complete attention to the little details, provide easy and budget friendly solutions, deliver services on time and offer proactive after sales services.

At Renu Soni Interior Designs, we thrive at providing personalised services to our clients by being physically present at every site possible. I for one believe that when you see a space up close, interact with the clients directly and understand their design expectations, the work is better executed and goals are accomplished faster.

Having been a part of the industry for over 13 years, I still choose to physically visit every work site and interact with my clients, irrespective of the distances. I strongly believe that it’s the details that make a design and this can only be achieved by personally connecting with the clients. My team and I not only assist our clients with the basics such as optimizing the use of space, choosing the right colours & schemes, appropriate lighting, etc, but also do an end-to-end job, i.e, from conceptualizing the idea to creating the final look by placing each piece of artefact and accessory with our own hands. That feeling of turning a dream into reality remains unmatched.

For me, with my extensive exposure abroad, I can proudly transform an empty area into a breath-taking experience and with my obsession for detail, I pay close attention to comfort and all other aspects of space management. My team and I know all the right places to source the right products from and the right people to connect with, helping us bring exquisite products to you and adding that extra panache to your space.

In this race of life, what you do and how you do it is what makes a difference. Offering personalized services to the clients is slowly becoming eminent and as interior designers, we must commit whole heartedly to meet our clients’ expectations and stand by them throughout the transformation journey.

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