The subtle art of De-cluttering

Marie Kondo accurately said “discard everything that does not spark joy” and as an interior designer I couldn’t agree more. De-cluttering a space is as important as de-cluttering your mind.

With our busy lives today, more often than not, we tend to overlook the space we are living in, filling it with new accessories without letting go of old memorabilia.

Your home is a place that defines your style, your outlook and your frame of mind. So why clutter this space with unnecessary belongings? Your home should be your living space, not a storage place. 

At Renu Soni Interior Designs, we believe in creating spaces which are a reflection of our clients’ personality and taste, with prime focus on using exquisite accessories, lots of light, functional furniture and a handful of essential elements. In cases where a space is already designed but need a make-over, we always begin with de-cluttering the space first. 

Simple ways in which you can de-clutter your home are:

  1. At the onset, devote a small amount of time from your day to de-clutter and slowly build your way up
  2. Start with a small space. Identify inessential things and remove them. Click a before and after photo to note the difference
  3. Make a list of items not required and then remove one item each day or once in two days; this process helps you understand things you can let go and things you wish to keep 
  4. See if an article sparks joy or weighs you down. If it does not bring happiness, it must go
  5. For every new item you buy for your home, remove two old items

In the end, it is just about taking that first step, de-cluttering that first room and the rest will come easy. Most of us get emotionally attached to our belongings and that is what makes it difficult to part with. You just have to mentally prepare yourself and let go. Remember that letting go is more important than adding new things. The magic of tidying up a space will not only give a different look to your home, but also give you a new outlook towards life!

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