Less is more – adapting the minimalist style of living

Less is more – the minimalist style of living

Less is more is a concept which is nowadays being adopted by people in almost all areas of life. Less stress means better work life balance, less clothes means more wardrobe space, less vehicles on roads means cleaner air to breathe and less clutter at home means immaculate and open living spaces.

Popularised in the early 1900’s by Mies van der Rohe, the term ‘less is more’ in the design space emphasizes on the modernist ethic design style, which basically translates to clarity and simplicity being the backbone of a good interior design.

Minimalism, as it is commonly known today, is gaining popularity across the globe, more so in the interior design space. The minimalist design style encourages people to live with what they need rather than what they want.

At Renu Soni interior designs, we too encourage our clients to opt for the minimalist design style, which adds elegance and class to their living style. A minimalist design style doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend less money, it means you spend the right amount of money for the right products.

Minimalism focuses on less clutter and more open spaces. Since the aim is to create a cleaner space, Interior designers use unique and state of the art accessories for such designs. This design style encompasses minimalism in all aspects of design be it lighting, choice of colours, accessories, furnishings and the overall design plan. The idea is to have a simple and clean space, with no unnecessary décor.

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In a minimalist design style, the interior designers lay focus on simple and clean interiors with minimum furniture and accessories, big glass windows for natural light, monochromatic colour palette, plenty of open space, and neutral textures. The idea is to create a space which is practical and functional in terms of use, with thoughtful storage space, lighting and furnishings. This design style single-handedly embodies comfort, class and utility.


At Renu Soni interior designs, we have guided our large client base in creating minimalist spaces in their homes and offices, across Mohali, Panchkula, Chandigarh and other parts of the country. Reach out to us for a makeover of your dream home and we promise to surpass your expectations!

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