Everyday I wake up and I love what I see.. still work in progress but makes me smile n keeps me serene. Thank you for all your wonderful work n your patience :)!
Riyaa Sethi
Your imagination has taken very impressive looks...thanks too you and your team.. :)
Anuj Kaliyer
Renu is an exceptional interior designer who is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her work.
My relationship with Renu started six years ago, when a friend highly recommended her for doing the interiors of our house. I have consulted her expertise several times since then.
I believe Renu is the epitome of excellence in her field with incredible talent! She is not only a talented designer but a wonderful person. Renu has added flair and style to our home and we receive many compliments from friends. Her attention to detail, coordination and fresh ideas lead to amazing results!! Her ideas are innovative, creative and bring out the personality of the homeowner.
It is always a pleasure and fun experience to work with Renu, culminating with truly fabulous results!
Thanks Renu for your great taste, ideas and attention to detail, which has turned our home into a warm, functional place to live in.
Deep Sachdev
My experience with Renu has always been delightful. She captures the essence of a home and personal taste perfectly. Her styling is effortless and her space creates a sense of balance. With her meticulous eye for detail, innovative ideas and a sophisticated sense of taste, her work has always exceeded my expectations.
Riyaa Sethi
Renu is a very good interior designer. She knows her work well and exercises it efficiently. Her taste is very subtle and elegant. She makes sure the client is satisfied and has many solutions to a single problem. She had done my living room a year ago and it still looks fresh and we love being there. It’s my children’s favourite place.
Supneet Khurana