kitchen interior design


kitchen interior design

The kitchen is the heart of the home and rightly so. With a great deal of time being spent here, be it preparing meals, laundry, entertaining or dining, the kitchen needs to be extremely  functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Renovating or planning a new kitchen is a very expensive exercise and here are a few handy tips to consider when planning.

kitchen interior design

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  • Optimising on the space – It is important to understand how the space is to be used. The open plan kitchen is very popular these days as it allows for interaction with guests and family. The alternative is the closed kitchen which means smell and noise will remain within the four walls. Different layouts include the parallel kitchen (also known as the galley kitchen), one wall kitchen, island kitchen, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen.


  • Zoning out – It is important to allocate specific tasks to dedicated areas of your kitchen. Typically there are 5 zones: cooking, cleaning, consumables, non consumables and prep. Identifying these zones will help to streamline workflow,  increase efficiency and reduce clutter


  • The working triangle – the rule of this triangle clearly states that  the total perimeter of the fridge, hob and sink should be no less than 13’ and no more than 26’. By keeping this in mind, better planning can be incorporated from the onset.
kitchen interior design

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  • Modular accessories – when spending so much on a new kitchen do not skim on accessories. Modular accessories are specifically designed to enhance storage. Since they are made of high grade stainless steel, longevity is increased and malfunction reduced significantly.
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  • Layered lighting – ambient, accent and task lighting are three types of lighting that should be included at planning stage of a kitchen. Ambient will give general lighting. Accent will highlight certain areas or features of the kitchen green task lighting will work on focus illumination of areas such as countertops, sink and hob. Examples of lighting can include pendants, recessed ceiling lights and LED profiles. 
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  • Good ventilation – This is vital in controlling temperature and quality of air. Investing in the best extractor fan/chimney will eliminate odours. The power of a chimney is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The recommended CFM for Indian cooking is 1000-1500 CFM. In some kitchens, a chimney alone is not enough and a lot of homes are equipped with window extractor fans too. Also make sure doors and windows are open during cooking. A ceiling fan can also aid in good ventilation. And where lingering cooking smells are concerned, burning a scented candle is a quick fix. 


  • Good materials – using good quality materials in a modular kitchen is key to longevity. HDF-HMR – also known as High density fibreboard which is high moisture resistant has gained a lot of credibility in the recent years. Most kitchen carcasses are made using this material and finished with a high pressure laminate  (HPL).
kitchen interior design

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  • Adequate storage – This will vary depending on the size of your household, your lifestyle, your budget and type of cooking. An organised kitchen will lead to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience. Be sure to consider what is coming into your kitchen and how best to store it thereby reducing counter top clutter.


  • Electrical equipment – during the initial stages of planning it is important to include sufficient power outlets and appliances. Appliances such as RO, oven, microwave, dishwasher, hob, chimney, refrigerator and think about any future add ons. Be careful with appliances with doors as they should not hamper circulation upon opening. Also smaller appliances such as kettle, juicer, toaster can be grouped together saving on precious counter space.
  • Modular accessories – when spending so much on a new kitchen do not skim on accessories. Modular accessories are specifically designed to enhance storage, check out The Container Store for options. 


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