Turning unpleasant client experiences into fruitful associations

The true essence of interior design will always be about the people and how they live. As interior designers, it is therefore our prime pursuit to create spaces that reflect the taste and style of our customers. In today’s times, some customers are well versed with the nuances of designing a home. While it acts as boon most of the times, it does come with its own setbacks.


With technology and the gamut of services it offers, every person today understands the basics of interior designing and has access to an ocean of information and ready references. More often than not, this becomes a setback for professionals like us.

Through this blog, I would like to throw some light on ways in which we as interior designers can politely manage unpleasant client interactions and turn it into a healthy and functioning work environment. 

Things to keep in mind while managing clients are as under:

  1. Begin by reassuring your client why they hired you; Reiterate the fact that you are an interior designer and not an architect stating the obvious differences.
  2. Create strict timelines and convey to the clients that any midcourse changes will only cause further delays, especially the changes made post the final drawings are made.
  3. If they have any suggestions or references in respect to designing, ask them to share all the requisites at the beginning of the project itself. State clearly that no changes post creation of 3D designs will be made.
  4. There are times when clients hire labour to assist with their interiors and this invariably causes errors and, in the end, we as professionals are left to manage them. Hence, at the beginning of every project, lay down all ground rules and communicate them to your clients
  5. In case a client demands something impractical functionally, take them back to day one and start by asking what impact the suggested changes will have and its necessity.

Dealing politely and practically with clients is the best way out and document every layout to avoid confusion in the future.

We at Renu Soni Interior Designs (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali) have been grateful to be associated with some of the kindest clients and our alliance has always been amiable. Reach out to us and we assure you to make all your interior design dreams come true!

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