Interior Design Trends in 2023

2023, the year of the rabbit, is already being predicted as the year of hope and prosperity. With hope comes faith and we step into this new year seeking your faith in us – Renu Soni Interior Designs, to transform your dream space into reality.

Like every year, trends come and go but style keeps evolving and it is our constant endeavour to keep up with the trends without compromising on our clients’ taste or style. Through this blog, I will take you through the predicted Interior Design Trends for 2023, based on expert opinions and my personal experience and vision.

The overall trend for this year will primarily revolve around ‘Grand but Serene’, with the following patterns set to make a comeback:

  1. Gold over Grey – bold colours are all set to make a comeback this year. Though neutral colours remain a popular choice among a majority of clients as it brings peace and serenity, those eager to follow the trends will be seen opting for bolder colours and patterns.

  1. Vintage all the Way – ‘thrift rather buy’ will be a mantra to follow this year as vintage furniture and accessories are gaining popularity in the urban cities. Vintage furniture is known to add an old-world charm to any space and we at Renu Soni Interior Design believe that its increased admiration is surely going to make it a big trend in 2023.

  1. Decorative Glass – another trend which I personally envision is the continued use of coloured or decorative glass, over plain glass as it added the much-needed elan to a space.

  1. Woody choices – this year we look forward to clients opting for deeper-medium wood tones, such as walnut and chestnut.

  1. Nature Inspired – with the fast-paced lives, everyone is looking for that calm in the chaos and nature inspired interior décor will hence be a trend most followed this year with natural textures, indoor plants and glass walls to encourage more natural light.

Reach out to Renu Soni Interior Designs (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula) for that dream makeover of your space and we will leave no stone unturned to turn your fantasies into reality.

*images sourced from Pinterest

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