Coffee Table Aesthetics

Coffee Table Aesthetics – For The Win!

Coffee Table Aesthetics

Coffee Table Aesthetics – For The Win!

The living room is a place of comfort, a space that should bring peace and serenity to the soul. While colour palettes and furniture are a critical aspect, choosing the right coffee table and styling it can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetics of your living room. Today, a plethora of options are available such as traditional, modern, rustic, coastal, industrial, vintage, statement and many more.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right coffee table and style it to suit your space:

Style of your coffee table must complement the overall décor of your living room. If you have a modern living room, consider a coffee table with clean lines and a minimalist design. If your living room is more traditional, consider a coffee table with ornate details and a darker wood finish or opt for metallic tables.

Shape & Size of your living room will play a significant role in determining the choice of your coffee table; if you have a small living room, consider a coffee table that is more compact, may be rounded or rectangular to help create a flow in the space.

Utility – what do you plan to use your coffee table for? If it’s primarily for holding drinks and snacks, then a sturdy and flat surface is essential. However, if you’re using it for storage,you may consider a coffee table with shelves or drawers, two-tiered tables and the likes.

Make it classy – try mix and match materials. For example, you can pair a wooden coffee table with a glass vase or a metallic tray to add texture and interest, add expensive upholstery, incorporate colours like black and white to add sophistication

Accessorise – add some decorative accessories to your coffee table to make it more visually appealing. This could include a vase of flowers, a stack of books, or a decorative tray. Just be sure to keep it balanced and not cluttered.

Keeping up with the trends and as an experienced interior designer, my recommendation to my clients is to opt for organic shaped coffee tables, as they promote harmony between your indoor space and the outdoors. We at Renu Soni Interior Designs (Panchkula, Mohali. Chandigarh) will guide you well and help you find the perfect coffee table for your space!

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