What you ought to know about bespoke furniture

One of my pet peeves as a designer, is walking into a home and discovering the wrong furniture. Wrong because of it’s size, fabric and finish. Unfortunately, with many of us living hectic schedules, store bought furniture seems convenient. But it has its limitations. And these can become costly mistakes.

Size or scale of the furniture is fundamental to a basic layout. Judging the correct size becomes clear with a floor plan. It indicates the room layout, location of walls, doors, and windows.  You also need an eye for proportion. This refers to the shape of an item and how it relates to other things in the room. Yet with this information, buying the right size is not always possible. Stores cannot cater to any size. They have their limitations due to economies of scale. As a result standard sized furniture is available. 

Another drawback with store bought furniture is choice of fabric.  This is also limited. Some stores do stock trending shades and textures. Whilst other independent retailers will try to sell a range from another era! For such reasons, I recommend bespoke or custom made furniture. In India, skilled craftsmen are so very affordable. The time factor is a huge constraint. But with the guidance of professionals and careful planning, it’s well worth the wait.

The advantages of bespoke furniture:

  • Perfect size – Skilled carpenters can tailor make any size. A floor plan made to scale will highlight room dimensions and circulation space. This way, utility and comfort are ensured.

  • Fabric Finish – selecting from a specialist store means access to an endless variety.  Your choice will depend on texture, colour and cost. 

  • Wood finishes – Laminates, veneers (natural and engineered), plywood and solid wood. There are the stains and varnishes to consider too. Polishes range from Matt, semi matt and glossy. 

  • Non-wood finishes – these include stone and metal – natural and engineered. Another non-wood finish is glass. Its uses range from tabletops, back splash and shutters. 

  • Comfort- ergonomics allow the user comfort. For example, the depth of a sofa will depend on the height of the user. Comfort relies on cushion filling – foam, polyester or feather filled. Also important is the suspension system for these cushions. Coiled spring units, serpentine springs, or Elastabelt webbing.

  • Storage – Select how to layout your shelving, drawers and racks to suit your individual choice. Whether it’s in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room. Creating clever storage in the smallest or awkward of rooms becomes easy.

  • Uniqueness – you wont find another piece like it. 

  • Aftercare-service – manufacturers are professionals with a reputation. Restoration,  repair, upholstery or a replacement is part of the after sales service.

  • Affordability – bespoke furniture is very much competitive with store-bought furniture. Modern machinery and materials are becoming more accessible to craftsmen. As a result, reducing overheads. 

 The advantages of bespoke furniture over store bought are significant. Teaming up with the right designer and craftsman will ease the process. No more compromising. What you gain is the perfect level of comfort, size and finish with functionality.



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