Want to go it alone but not sure what style to decorate your space - we will give you a mood board depicting style, furniture design, decorative accessories and a colour pallet unique to your needs and taste (including one amendment per item to achieve the perfect look). Rs 2500 per room


Need a second opinion about selecting a piece of furniture or an accessory? Overwhelmed with the choice available or are just not sure what is trending? We can help with sourcing furniture, artwork, rugs and decor pieces for you locally as well as on-line and then the final placement of each item in your home. Rs 5000 per room


Selecting the right tiles, laminates, paint shades, veneers, cladding material, fabrics and flooring can be daunting given the vast choice available. We can help you select the best finish for your home ensuring a cohesive aesthetic looking space without comprising on functionality. Rs 1000 per hour


We will advise you regarding any aspect of your interiors at your site and help you avoid making costly mistakes. Rs 2500