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Mastering Spatial Experience Through Interior Design

Interior Designer in Chandigarh Designing a space is a hands-on undertaking that while challenging, is immensely rewarding. An individual’s character is mirrored in their environment, shaping a house into their distinctive home. Gone are the days when it was thought Interior design is only about crafting grandiose and attractive places. Having a room taken cared by experts lends comfort, productivity and efficiency to a room. Leading Interior Designers in India Some of the most popular designers also favour building such…

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What you ought to know about bespoke furniture

One of my pet peeves as a designer, is walking into a home and discovering the wrong furniture. Wrong because of it’s size, fabric and finish. Unfortunately, with many of us living hectic schedules, store bought furniture seems convenient. But it has its limitations. And these can become costly mistakes. Size or scale of the furniture is fundamental to a basic layout. Judging the correct size becomes clear with a floor plan. It indicates the room layout, location of walls, doors,…

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Will we be spending more time at home post lockdown?

These past few months in isolation has revealed our homes to be more than just a place of rest, eat and sleep. Post lockdown, some of us will push on with our lives as if COVID -19 never happened. At the same time, others will evaluate the situation and rediscover the real comforts of home. Not only has confinement redefined multifunctional living, it has become a way of life. And do we want to sustain this? Can I continue to…

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Why aren’t you Biophilic yet?

Biophilia is all about our love for nature while focusing on our own well being. And when it comes to biophilic interior design, now could not be a better time to embrace it. It’s health benefits are many. It boosts happiness. Reduces stress levels and increases productivity. When it comes to biophilic interior design, consider the following: Firstly, adding Plants to your surrounding is obvious. It’s also one of  the most cost effective ways.  Plants add a statement to any interior. More importantly,…

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Transition-al Interior Design Style

Here’s another term to add to your design glossary. Transitional.  It combines the contemporary with the traditional.  At the same time embracing soft lines with comfortable furnishings without the fuss of traditional styling. In effect – timeless. Sounds ideal. However, creating a cohesive look between the two styles can be tricky. Even for the most discerning eye. It’s worth considering the following tips. If you are considering modern furniture in your room, then upholster the seating using traditional fabrics such…

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Mid Century Modern – the fuss free style

When it comes to designing an interior, very few clients are aware of Mid-Century Modern and its style.  Its characteristics make it perfect for today’s contemporary, modern and eclectic home décor styles. Mid-Modern Century also connects well  to another more familiar style – Scandinavian.  So let me take this opportunity to share the basics and how it can be incorporated. A little background first. After the Second World War, many German architects migrated to America and took with them their…

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Client Project: BrewBakes Cafe Interior Design

Just completed a new franchise based cafe. It’s based in Chandigarh under the name of BrewBakes. The client brief: to provide seating for 8-10, a well equipped kitchen with service at both ends, 4 weeks to open and a tight budget. The Design Process Display cabinets and other woodwork had to be dismantled first.  After that, the false ceiling was completely removed. This revealed different levels. An exposed ceiling would visually create more space. By the time the wiring was…

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Achieving that modern bohemian look

As a designer, it’s my job to inform clients about latest style trends. One that has me captivated right now is modern bohemian. The original boho look has been around for years. However, its new evolved version will find its way into more homes this year. The modern bohemian style focuses on vintage, luxurious finishes and warmer colours of today. As a result, this happy-go-lucky feel is a great look in which to unwind and socialise. Key Elements of this…

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Designing for co-sharing spaces

I’ve been meaning to write about co-working (also known as co-sharing) ever since I came across the offices of Innov8  in Chandigarh. The last few years have seen a surge in companies offering this service. There are now over 100 in India. But for those not familiar with co-working, let me explain. Basically co-working is a common work space. It is used by self employed people, people working for different employers and more popularly by startups. They share furniture, equipment…

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The French Art of Passimenterie

Happy New Year readers! I would like to focus on a trend that is all set to gain popularity this year. The craft of Passimenterie, which was highlighted in my last blog. The French word is new to me but the art is not.  Curiosity for the beautiful craft has probed me to delve a little further. What exactly is it? Passimenterie is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery, coloured silk,…

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