Interior designing for AirBnB

With success stories of Airbnb afloat, more and more of us are experimenting with our own personal spaces with hope of earning that extra buck or two. With home rental market increasing day by day, having a competitive edge couldn’t be more vital. And one way of achieving this is through interior designing.

Interior designing costs may set off alarm bells but done carefully and within budget, it can really bring positive results. Today’s discerning customer knows exactly what they’re looking for during their vacation – a clean, stylish and cosy space.

Design tips to get it right

Neutral – stick to a universal palette that will appeal to a wider market. Lighter shades will always give that feeling of an illuminated mood and then you can always add splashes of accent colours. Local art and photographs are a good idea as they will add that homely feel as well as books and decor accessories.

Out of the box – if on the other hand you love unconventional and your objective is to attract a niche market – then why not! But remember to combine form and function.

Storage – should be organised, clean and of course easily accessible. Personal items should be hidden away behind closed doors.

Staging – a term used to dress up a space that everyone will love. Easy to achieve and most welcoming  eg an open cookbook on the kitchen counter, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and fresh flowers.

Exterior – paint the front door an unexpected colour and conceal or remove pipes and other fittings. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, spruce it up – landscaping and outdoor seating will add value.

Bathrooms – take cue from up market hotels. Counters should be kept clutter free except for a couple of pretty packaged items. Cleanliness and fresh towels are a must and you can also add a potted plant if space permits.

Mirror – adding a good size mirror opens up a space anywhere but especially opposite a window.

Bedroom – mattresses should be comfortable, neither too soft or  too hard. Provide seating if possible – a bench, chair or stool.

Lighting – install dimmers to create that appropriate evening ambience and do away with white light as it will only give your space a commercial feel.

Open plan – this radiates good energy so if possible do away with partition walls. If doors can be shifted towards the end of a wall rather than in the middle, it will give you more wall space and therefore another option for a room layout.

Kitchen – use smaller appliances to optimise space as your guests of course won’t be cooking the entire time.

Implementing these simple yet effective interior design tips will enable you to put together a well thought out space.  Upload professional photographs of your redesigned home and attract the right customer.


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