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Choosing the right paint color for a wall can be quite a challenge. The industry’s leaders, Dulux, Asian Paints and Nerolac, offer such a huge range you just don’t know where to start.

  • You can start with a reference point in that room, for example a piece of artwork or sofa, curtain fabric.
  • Most paint stores have a colour matching machine – you may have come across a particular colour that you just have to have but it’s not available in a shade card. As long as you have a small sample with you, any colour can be custom made
  • If painting a large room, go for brighter warm shade to bring it and a cooler colour for small room to push walls out

  • Don’t be in a hurry to make your final choice. Gather your short list of paint swatches but at the same time remember to take on board the overall scheme of the room and its interiors. The rug, the upholstery fabric for the seating and window treatment. Their colour is equally important and should compliment your final wall colour.
  • Fan deck – a lot of paint distributors keep what is known as a fan deck. Strips of colours and their coordinated tones are secured at one end and allow the user to fan out the shades. Do take time to study the tones, you may opt for a tone you may not have otherwise
  • Printed fabric – if using a printed fabric as a reference point then its best to pick up the background hue for the wall colour
  • Natural and artificial lighting – this is a very important factor when considering a wall colour. The best way to go about this is to collect the paint swatch, a second lighter tone and a third darker tone. Put all three samples together and view at various times of the day and then decide.


  • The meaning of colour – still confused? Then feel inspired by the moods certain colours evoke. Violet – creative and luxurious, green – heals and balances, red – desire and passion, yellow – uplifting and hopeful, blue – soothing and revitalizing, gold – divine and ageless, neutral – timeless and tranquil, orange – warm and energetic. However, emerald rules 2013 in interior designing of homes so it would be a good option. Try experimenting with  it.
  • More than one colour – If by now you are feeling more confident, try more than one colour. It can look great but limit it to three maximum. Two bold and one neutral will play against each other well.
  • These tips will help you to make the right choice but do remember two things. One – whatever colour you opt for, it will be always be more intense on the wall so go for a shade lighter or murkier. Two – you’ve decided you don’t like the final wall colour. It’s ok, don’t fret. Paint colour will be the least expensive and time consuming to change.And if doing all this seems to much to you, then simply hire interior designer and decorator service provider to help you paint you home. A professional can help you choose the right paint for your home.

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