IKAT Pops Up Here And There In Interior Home Decoration

ikat print

This unique and vibrant pattern is showing up on throw pillows, curtains, upholstery, crockery and wallpaper. You may have already encountered Ikat on apparel but introducing it as part of home décor is definitely a current trend that will only add further interest to your interiors.



Commonly known as a tribal print or pattern, IKAT comes from the Malay word meaning to bind or wind around.

distant ikat tea party

It is the result of a procedure known as resist dyeing. Through this process only parts of the fabric are affected by the dye resulting in a pattern that works with every style. Check out the following applications of this playful print.






I’m sure you can accommodate evergreen IKAT somewhere in your home.

How to make the most of a narrow hallway

Lighting – most hallways have no windows or natural light. With that extra light, be it general or directional, the space just opens upVisual interest – A long narrow hallway can look extremely dull. Adding an array of       things such as console tables, photos/artwork with thin frames, coat stands will       definitely make it more attractive. Do bear in mind the scale of these items.

Flooring and walls – light coloured floors and walls will always make a space more expansiveMirrors – one of my favourite accessories; reflection of light and depth rolled into one Vertical – a narrow hallway can always appear not so long with vertical lines in the form of paint, pillars or wall claddingHorizontal – a horizontal wall pattern or placing a console, for example, at the end of a hallway can give dimensional broadnessRunners – with the right pattern these long rugs are great for deceiving the eyeHere’s hoping you’ll find these tips useful!

{Image source: Google Images}