Create The Perfect Reading Nook

Relaxation for some of us means curling up with a totally engrossing book – ideally, away in some corner without any distraction. But how many of you have actually created that perfect reading nook? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Where – pick a place in your home that will relax you. It could be a corner, a hallway, a landing, under the stairs or just about anywhere with this freestanding unit


  • Seating – no reading nook is complete without comfy seating, be it a snuggler, a classic wing chair or even a bean bag

My personal choice would be the Eames lounge chair and ottoman  – if only!!

Lighting – situated near a natural source of daylight would be super during the day. As for the evenings, a floor lamp, a wall light or a table lamp is a great way to light up your nook and make it more inviting

  • Decorative touches – personalise that space and inspire yourself. Add a throw, cushion, framed photographs, some flowers and a side table for that well deserved cup of tea.

Your nook wont be just limited to reading; talking on the phone, sketching or listening          to music are other activities you’ll be able to enjoy in your very own private space.

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How to make the most of a narrow hallway

Lighting – most hallways have no windows or natural light. With that extra light, be it general or directional, the space just opens upVisual interest – A long narrow hallway can look extremely dull. Adding an array of       things such as console tables, photos/artwork with thin frames, coat stands will       definitely make it more attractive. Do bear in mind the scale of these items.

Flooring and walls – light coloured floors and walls will always make a space more expansiveMirrors – one of my favourite accessories; reflection of light and depth rolled into one Vertical – a narrow hallway can always appear not so long with vertical lines in the form of paint, pillars or wall claddingHorizontal – a horizontal wall pattern or placing a console, for example, at the end of a hallway can give dimensional broadnessRunners – with the right pattern these long rugs are great for deceiving the eyeHere’s hoping you’ll find these tips useful!

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Accessorizing your home

Adding accessories to an interior is something I always look forward to. They bring character and individuality and no room is complete without them. However, shopping for these wonderful items in the tri-city is quite an ordeal. Through experience, I have come across shops, which incidentally have been far and few, and found them to be either lacking in range or not to my liking. However, with more and more exposure to the world of interiors, the scene is changing. As I come across these little treasure troves, I will definitely bring them to your attention.

One such place is Casa Plush. Spread over 500 sq ft, it sells a wide range of contemporary products from clocks, artwork, colourful glassware, lighting to candle stands and artificial flowers.

Owned by Anmol Kohli, the store opened its doors a year ago and has earned a decent response. Anmol has been able to source everything thoughout his extensive travels of south-east Asia. The coming future will see a dedicated space specialising in modern lighting.

Casa Plush can be found at SCF 21, Sector 9D, Chandigarh – so get lucky!