Interior Design Project For A Client: What A Woman Wants, What A Woman Needs!

A bedroom is a private abode where one unwinds, sleeps, studies, reads; almost half our lives are spent here and therefore needs special attention while designing its interiors.

The brief was to update a very outdated bedroom and totally reflect the personality of the client – glamorous and chic, through the renovated interior design and decoration of the bedroom.

collagea15bfdc8362e7b37The original size of the room was 204 sq ft. A wall behind the bedroom housed a metal staircase which was pulled down. The staircase was relocated allowing  for an extra 131sq ft which would make way for a reading nook, a study table and wardrobes.

As for the en-suite, a wall between the original bathroom and dressing room was removed, increasing the area by a third. The interior design of bathroom was totally remodeled with the WC and washbasin switching sides and the bathing area extended. A two tone black 1″ mosaic was used in the shower area, a textured charcoal tile lined one wall, a highlighter in a two tone green and purple mosaic was strategically placed and the balance of the walls was rendered a finish of silver on grey textured paint. A bespoke mirror hangs above the counter reflecting brilliance from the crystal wall sconces.

With emerald being named Pantone Colour of 2013, I was inspired to add jewel tones to the foundation colour scheme of muted greys, anthracite and white. These shades are deep and rich and have added drama to this boudoir, creating a sense of luxury, sophistication and comfort.

The overall change and bedroom renovation left the client totally surprised, and more than satisfied.

If you want to know more about the project and its specifications or require interior design services in Chandigarh then contact me.

How to style your bedside table

bedside-tableDo you often find that your bedside table becomes a dumping ground for books, magazines and pocket contents? If the answer is yes, then help is at hand.282741682826181563_GqrBIX0N_cBy following a few easy tips, you can style your bedside table to be of some practical use and match the interior design and decoration of your bedroom at the same time.

Reading glasses, books, medicines and other knick knacks should be stored elsewhere and the size of the table should be proportionate to the bed and size of the bedroom. Up to four elements can be placed on your bedside table such as a lamp, vase, clocks and a miniature sculpture.


By placing tastefully selected items that match your room’s colour scheme, your bedside table can help give your bedroom a more cohesive look. Go give it a try.