Urban India – The changing face of Interiors

Traditionally, the luxury of designed spaces was enjoyed by only the affluent. Lower income groups would work with what nature provided and each region had its own distinct character giving India its broad diversity.

It was not until the late 80’s that Interior Design gained recognition as a discipline separate from architecture. Over the last decade, urban India has grown in leaps and bounds. Developments in technology, general awareness, availability of many new products including affordability are all key factors in accelerating change.

Global trends in interior design have finally found its way into Indian urban homes. Hurray!! And as we fast forward to this year, we’ve seen a variety of trends.

Eclectic has seen the acceptance of differences and coexistence. Carved antique chests rest beside steel and glass – no longer need to be kept in different confines. Boundaries have come down where international themes are concerned. Uber- luxe has meant more homes with the occasional mosaic splash back, crystal chandelier, trendy fittings or high-end furnishings that even the middle class can splurge on.

Prints are back, patterns bold and dominating. They now co-exist with neutrals as never before. Monochromatic modern tones have made way for glamorous purple and spicy orange. Greens, yellows and all things “earth” reinforce our shift towards nature which has entered our homes and consciousness as we become more responsible of this planet.

Vintage allure has witnessed heritage juxtaposed against the contemporary in the most comfortable manner and sofas and cocktail tables no longer have straight lines and everything from flooring to furnishings have been influenced by a focus on texture regardless of colour and pattern.

The recession, terrorism, war, natural disasters and the breakdown of trust in banks and politicians has left us yearning for both authenticity and simplicity.

Next year sees wit, fantasy, escapism, intelligence, colour and understated luxury. The distinct Dali influence will be very apparent and playing with exaggerations of scale will be a key design feature during 2011 & 2012. The conventional colour theory will be abandoned to create intense colour clashes of vibrant sunset shades alongside fluo brights, bold blues/greens, shocking pinks and an edgy black that delivers a graphic look. Can’t wait!!