My kitchen has just had a make over!


Many years ago what should have been a galley kitchen, was forced into a u-shaped layout. It worked because it didn’t have an option.

Twenty years later and it’s been RENUVATED!

Some of you would still probably disagree. But let me tell you a thing or two about my preferred style for this tiny kitchen.

A galley kitchen is actually ergonomically more superior to any other layout. Due to lack of space, it’s simple two wall design increases efficiency as everything becomes within easy reach. These kitchens are compact  but they can be just as stylish as large kitchens.

Generally floor to ceiling units don’t work in this type of kitchen. However in this case, by using a dark veneer with a strong grain for the base cabinets and white for the remainder of the space, I’ve actually opened up the upper area visually. The cabinets have been finished in a high gloss which is great for reflecting the light.

Selection of tiles is a very important aspect of kitchen design. Using large glossy tiles with a horizontal texture has tricked the eyes into making the space appear wider.

Ample lighting is another key element in opening up a small space. Shadows and dark corners can be avoided with high wattage bulbs. Due to the false ceiling, recessed lighting has been used in the ceiling instead of a pendant light. Task lighting has also been used under the cabinets for the areas on the granite worktop where most time is spent chopping and cutting.

An under-mount sink has been installed here instead of the regular styles. It’s easy to maintain and its  sleek look increases the counter top area.

The narrowest end of the kitchen tends to suffer so why not dress it up. I’ve chosen this particularly quirky clock but a striking collection of pictures, a pretty window treatment such as blinds or even an attractive “things to do” board will work just as well.

So there you have it. If space is a constraint, apply the above advise and give yourself a stylish and efficient galley kitchen!