Interior Designing Client Project: Mellow-Yellow

The client’s brief was to renovate the first floor lobby “without doing too much” – a private chill out area for a young family sharing a home with elders. Home renovation services in Chandigarh were required by them and so they were delivered, with yellow playing a crucial role.

BEFOREDSC03196DSC03191The original lobby was dull and lifeless, lacking total character. Two-thirds of the space is still dedicated to table tennis. I opted for a soft warm yellow for the walls – a colour that is known to create happiness, optimism and confidence. A toughened glass wall complete with a door was installed at the top of the stairs providing the much needed privacy. This in turn would improve cooling and heating (HVAC) efficiency of the lobby.

AFTER_DSC0109A new L-shaped sofa now conveniently occupies one corner whilst the opposite wood paneled wall takes care of the LCD and the boys’ Wii and X-Box. A perfect arrangement which gave enough space for children to play and proper space for interior decoration of the place.


_DSC0138A charcoal grey textured rug compliments the white marble flooring whilst the glamour quotient comes from the glass crystal contemporary pendant and matching wall lights. A commissioned oil canvas hangs perfectly on a wall and below it sits an elegantly upholstered bench.

_DSC0146Upon immediate viewing of the space, I could see the main feature of the lobby was the large window with its fine view of nature. In order to enhance this further, the bamboo chiks, grilles and glass were removed and replaced with toughened glass and then delicately layered with linen sheers interwoven with silver thread.

_DSC0110By day, the double height tree now sets for a beautiful natural backdrop to the lobby. By night, flood lights attached to the balcony add drama and allurement…….

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{Photography by Sumit Kathuria}

Ways to Impress a Woman With Your Bachelor Pad

The dream of many bachelors today is to have an interior design theme that virtually entices a woman with a statement of pure untainted masculinity. His idea of interiors is usually straight forward and uncomplicated – which is fine. But for those of you, who feel confident in achieving that interior bliss, try the following:

• Hang great artwork

One large colourful print, a canvas painted in 2 colours or a group of black and white prints /vintage posters will sophisticate any room pronto

• Roll out an interesting rug

Rugs are an easy way to brighten your décor and add a vivid focal point. Be it traditional, oriental, contemporary, sheepskin or shaggy. They can also cover up ugly floors and be transferred from room to room.

• Jazz up an empty corner

Why not place a tall indoor plant – caring for a living thing will reveal your sensitive side. A lofty sculpture or a beautiful ceramic vase would be great alternatives too.

• Eliminate clutter

Unsightly wires, board games, gadgets and gizmos can easily be concealed in sleek entertainment centres.

• Introduce a feature wall

Paint one wall behind the bed or the television, for example, in a rich colour like a dark putty grey, sage green, chocolate brown or dark red. As well as colour, texture can also enhance a feature wall – 3D particle board, natural materials such as stone or wood, wallpaper.

• Add a headboard

A great looking masculine headboard with clean lines and a luxurious texture would definitely make a bold statement. Popular textures include suede, velvet and leather.

• Personalize your area

Display objects that reflect your hobby or passion, use colours you love and make it look lived in and comfortable

• Get the lighting right

Create different atmospheres with the help of dimmer switches, up lighters, table lamps, floor lamps. If your budget allows, then invest in an automated lighting system which allows you to control various mood settings at the touch of a sensory panel

• And finally gentlemen without this tip, the above do not stand a chance – keep your pad CLEAN and smelling FRESH!!


{images: Google}