A client project: an unused classroom and a dull entrance are given a new lease of life

An educational institute based in Panchkula approached me a month ago. The brief was to renovate the director’s office and hallway with a limited budget and to re-use the old partitions. Normally, I would carry out the design work, site inspections and advise the client what to purchase. However, in this case I was requested to do the work on a “turnkey basis”. For those of you not familiar with this term, it basically means that the interior designer is given a lump sum by the client and the service is not only the design work but also to provide all furniture, civil work, electrical, ceiling and decorative showpieces and to leave the space ready to use.

The whole experience has been a real eye-opener particularly working with the suppliers, quality control issues, delivery times, labour and time management. I thank the client for the opportunity and value this learning curve totally.

Before pics……..

After pics!

The entrance and hallway were simply renovated with fresh paint, new furniture, artwork and a planter. Electrical cables were hidden away behind batons and existing notice boards were recovered in natural jute and their frames polished. As for the partition, the ugly plastic grey panels were exchanged for a combination of beech coloured pre-laminated board and frosted glass.

As for the Director’s office, a false ceiling comprising of 2′ x 2′ gypboard tiles was erected and new ceiling lights fitted. The existing aluminium framed window was projected out so that it was flush with the wall externally. This in turn eliminated the toilet area for the pigeons and provided a pretty window sill internally.  A new L-shaped desk and leather bound stationery set was provided as well extra storage units and shelving. Venetian blinds were used to dress up the window.

(I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Anshul Goel once again for being there and his dedication to this project)